Lonnie Finkelstein

Lonnie Finkelstein

Lonnie Finkelstein is a self-taught artist. Currently lives and creates his colorful glass mosaics in Boynton Beach Florida.

As a young boy he would take apart, chop up, saw pieces of wood , always with the idea that he would create something beautiful. unfortunately , like most boys , he would never put them back together again or follow through in his endeavor.

In his earlier years as a young man he was an innovative hairstylist from NY starting trends, and styles, working and playing alongside the rich and famous. Several years later forced to retire due to multiple back surgeries. Lon. found the creative process as a form of meditation and healing. It's only the past few years he began working with mosaics and  found and art form that allows him to channel his creativity with no limitations.Lonnie sketches his image on paper first than begins choosing his brilliant glass colors, cutting, grinding his puzzle pieces to create precise cuts in order to complete his colorful disjointed portraits. Amazingly, Lon in Color blind But manages to pull off his unifying representational images with bold color.

Lon's current body of work consists of a mix of cuts of glass ,based in proportions and patterns fitting and  cutting meticulously to create his exaggerated whimsical images of beautiful women . while Lonnie is passionately completing a piece , he's already planning on the next one he will create.

As an artist he hopes to engage the viewer with a pleasant experience, appealing to  the sense of sight, imagination , and fantasy. his work has had a wide range of reactions, the one he likes best is uncomplicated "wow"

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