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Amethyst Benefits
If you are a fan of meditation, it is time to get an amethyst to hold in your hands during the 'zen moment'. From the Tierra de Gemas store they tell us that this stone relaxes the emotions and inspires tranquility, making it ideal for improving insomnia and stressful situations. It is also useful to combat headaches or menstrual pain, as well as having the ability to increase the energy and self-esteem of those who carry it.

Amethyst Uses
This stone has been widely used as a complement for serving as a calming agent. It is usually placed between the eyebrows or on the right side of the chest, where the heart is located, to take advantage of its relaxing properties. If you have pain, the 'Minerals of the World' portal recommends using it on the area to be treated, giving a small circular massage.

Amethyst is easily accessible, both in the form of a geode and in jewelry, where it is highly prized for its elegance. To combine it, we can bet on yellow tones, more daring, generating contrast, or, if we want a more neutral 'look', use gray tones. In addition, amethyst is also found in beauty facial rollers for skin care.

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