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Pyramid Orgonite

Pyramid Orgonite

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These orgonite pyramids are absolutely gorgeous and high quality. Extremely smooth orgonite and beautifully bright stones. The pyramids feature chips of your chosen stone, along with copper coils and shavings, and a quartz point in the tip of the pyramid wrapped in a copper coil. The designs on the pyramids are assorted and will be randomly chosen.


Orgonite Benefits
EMC protection
Many believe that orgonite helps protect you from harmful radiation, such as electromagnetic fields.

Balance the energy field
Orgonite works to reduce negative energy by attracting positive orgone, which in turn helps you experience better health and wellness.

purifying the environment
Orgonite's positive energy dispels negativity and is said to detoxify the air, water, and plant life around you.

improve sleep
By purifying the environment, orgonite helps promote relaxation that can improve the quality of your sleep.

inspiring healing effects
The various crystals that can be infused with orgonite also help heal conditions you may be experiencing.

Attract luck, love and abundance.
Many orgonite pyramids, necklaces and spheres are designed with auspicious symbols to attract luck. This includes the om symbol, Metatron's cube, and the tree of life, among others.

Foster spiritual awareness
Orgonite can help you feel more connected to the universe by enhancing your intuition and spirituality.

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